Self-help books for trying times…

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  1. Bianca S says:

    Great selection of books here! It is hard to get yourself into the right mindset for sure when dealing with a barrage of difficult life events. It’s even harder to learn and grow from a traumatic event. When I lost someone close to me I did not think I would be able to cope. I soon found though that talking to others who have gone through similar situations or reading relatable stories, blog posts, etc helped me feel less alone and less hopeless. I want to recommend a book that helped me out immensely during this time called “Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased” by Dr. Jamie Turndorf ( Dr. Turndorf truly understands the feeling of loss and it is conveyed through each lovingly written page. She lost her husband and you can tell that this book was a way for her to grieve as well and help others. She has created a method that enables those who grieve to reconnect rather than say goodbye. I always have felt that the people I have lost could communicate with and watch over me in their own way, and this book confirms it for me. I hope this book makes it to a future list!

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