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Giveaway: Alflorex for good gut health

Thanks to Alflorex, we have an exclusive summer reader offer: a Bobble water bottle and a six month supply of Alflorex probiotics supplements for digestive health, all to the value of €200.


Alflorex Winter Health Kit Giveaway

    We’ve got another fantastic treat lined up for two lucky Sláinte readers… We’ve teamed up with Alflorex to give away two Winter Health Kits, worth €25 each, which contain three month’s supply of Alflorex, an all-natural supplement...


Giveaway: Alflorex Digestive Health Kit

Home or away, summer holidays can play havoc with our digestion. Richer food than normal, eating later at night not to mention local tipple can all cause bloating – not quite the confidence boost...


The secret to a healthy belly

There’s been plenty of buzz about probiotics over the last few years, the latest health obsession thanks to their seemingly endless list of health benefits, so is the hype justified? Well, in some cases...